Cycling for ‘Doctors without borders’ through Switzerland and France

I’m really happy about this great article in our local newspaper “Trostberger Tagblatt”.

Just because of your help I could collect 570,- € and the donation box in our “Trostberger Weltladen” (a small shop for fairtade and organic goods run by volunteers) was ‘fed’ with 240,- € by our costumers – absolutely fabulous!

Thanks a lot for your support to help people in need!!!

(Trostberger Tagblatt, 06.07.2019)

The Red Cross Museum, the Untied Nations and the Jardin Botanique

Restday 5/Geneva

So this was the last day of my trip before going home tomorrow by train…unbelievable!

The weatherforecast said sunshine but in the night it started to rain.

First there was the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent on the list.

Here you can find all about their work worldwide – now and in the past days. Especially interesting the section about the Search Service after wars.

International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

Waiting for the upcoming highlight – a visit to the UN – I’ve jumped into the Jardin Botanique – unfortunately with bad weather, too.

Having to wait 30 Minutes in a long que finally we could pass the security check and have had an one hour look inside the United Nations.

As I’ve written already yesterday there is a big conference of the ILO so many people where on their way.

And we entered the room where the Nuclear Disarmament Negotiations took place.

The United Nations Office in Geneva

So after this I’ve had a walk in the city and there was a Women’s Right March.

Finally I did some running along the seaside and now it’s time to go to bed…

Travelling to Geneva and enjoy the atmosphere

Travelling day ~ Chabeieul – Geneva

Leaving my friend yesterday’s morning I cycled to the station of Valence and took the train to Geneva.

Finding perfect weather all over the day it was a cool start of the finish of my journey.

And also the Geneva Hostel is a great place to stay…10 minutes cycling from the station with an modern interior.

After having put my stuff into the room I just walked through the city along the Lake Geneva and found an outside exhibition to the 100. anniversary of the

ILO – International Labour Organisation

The 17 Social Development Goals (SDG)

So afterwards I’ve jumped into the ancient town…great day!

Having a closer look to Montelimar

Rest day 2/Montelimar

According to my original plan I would have cycled to Montelimar – but because of the bad weather yesterday I discovered this city today by train.

After having a first overview with the help of the tourist office I’ve visited the Contemporary Art Museum St. Martin – great modern artworks by Cesar.

Following the ‘tourist path’ I climbed up to the top of the town to have a look to the Château de Montélimar.

Château de Montélimar

After so much history and culture I’ve had to visit – of course – one of the famous Nougat Museums Arnaud Soubeyran.

Find out more about the Nougat Museum

So after this long day I drove home by train and bus – and did a little bit of running to be fit for the upcoming ‘2. Firmenlauf in Chieming’ – hope to make it…😉

My training today

So tomorrow I’m going to leave the town and will approach Geneva again staying there in the youth hostel for 2 nights to explore the city…

Discovering Valence and Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors

Rest day 1/Chabeieul

Welcome to Valence!

As I’ve changed my plans because of bad weather I’ll stay with my Couchsurfing friend till tomorrow.

So yesterday I discovered Valence and it’s gardens.

Parc Jouvet

Esplanade du Champ de Mars

In the afternoon Rémi took me on a great tour to the surrounding Rhone-Alps, we’ve visited a small Monastère and a famous road along the mountains in the Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors.

Unfortunately there was some fog and rain – but the countryside was outstanding!

Cycling in the rain along the Via Dolce

Cycling day 13/78 km ~ Cheylard – Chabeuil

We’ve started this morning after a good breakfast and continued our way on the piste cyclable Via Dolce – wonderful maintained on the former railtrack which connected silk farms and factories.

It was cloudy, we had only little rain – but when we decided to make lunch there came up a thunder storm and it started to rain like cats and dogs.

Finally we reached Beauchastel/Rhone and we found a small bakery so could get some energy – and a good coffee.

After 78 km we reached the farm of Rémi and he showed me around the organic fields and the old town.

So at the end of the day we’ve cooked a delicious dinner together – cool but rainy day!

Running on old tracks with the Train de l’Ardèche

Cycling day 12/30 km ~ Tournon – Cheylard

Yesterday I’ve met a friend who visited me 3 years ago at my home via Couchsurfing.

He had the idea to go to Lamastre with the Train de l’Ardèche and then following the cyclepath called Via Dolce down to the Rhone.

Train de l’Ardèche – get all the infos here

So around midday with arrived with rain at Lamastre and cycled about 30 km to a campingsite.

We have had booked a tent with real beds including cooker and fridge – so this was perfect!

At the campsite they even had fresh made pizza and cold beer – and a little bit of sun to dry my tent. Great day!

A journey with my recumbent bike starting at Andermatt (CH) passing by Lac de Genève and exploring the river Rhone in France along the EuroVelo 17 'ViaRhonax

From the swiss Alps to southern France along the Rhone

A journey with my recumbent bike starting at Andermatt (CH) passing by Lac de Genève and exploring the river Rhone in France along the EuroVelo 17 'ViaRhonax

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